Valentine Day List 2019

Do you need Valentine Day List 2019 or want to know about Valentine week list? Here on this website, you will get all information about valentine’s day week and obviously, we will give you the list of valentine’s day.

Valentine Day List

Valentine’s day is a special day for all the lovers and couples in the world. But most of the people don’t know about valentines week but they want to know more about Valentine week. Mainly everyone wanna celebrate every special day in the valentine week.

Happy Rose Day 7 February 2019

Rose day is a very special day and the first day of valentine week. People celebrate the rose day on 7th February 2019 Thursday. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This is also called the symbol of love.

Happy Propose Day 8 February 2019

Propose day is the day for lovers who wanna start their relationship officially. Lovers celebrate propose day on 8th February 2019 Friday. This is the second day of the valentine week. If you love someone then don’t miss to propose her/him.

Happy Chocolate Day 9 February 2019

Chocolate day is the day not for only kids but also young peoples. Everyone like chocolate and girls likes chocolate so much. You can buy some special chocolate for your girlfriend to wish chocolate. This is the third day of valentine week. Everyone celebrate the chocolate day on 9th February 2019 Saturday.

Happy Teddy Day 10 February 2019

Teddy day is one of the special days for your girlfriend because she will get a teddy bear as a gift from you, am I right? Haha. People celebrate this teddy bear day on 10th February 2019 Sanday. This the fourth day of valentine week.

Happy Promise Day 11 February 2019

Promise day is not for fun. This is a serious day for everyone who wants to promise his/her lover or someone else. People celebrate promise day on 11th February 2019 Monday. Promise day is the fifth day of valentine week. Don’t make a false promise to anyone.

Happy Hug Day 12 February 2019

Hug day is a lovely day for all the couples in the world. This is the sixth day of valentine week and lovers celebrate 12th February 2019 Tuesday as the hug day.

Happy Kiss Day 13 February 2019

Kiss day is the seventh day of valentine week and the most romantic day for the lovers. Lovers celebrate kiss day on 13th February 2019 Wednesday. I wish you will get a long kiss from your girlfriend. If you are a girl then obviously your boyfriend will kiss you, don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything. Haha.

Happy Valentine’s Day 14 February 2019

Maybe I don’t need to explain about Valentine’s day. You all know about this. But don’t think this day is only for couples. This is the for the lovers. You love your father mother brother or sister and friends. Don’t forget to wish them a happy valentines day. Everyone will celebrate 14th February 2019 Thursday as the valentines day.


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