Valentines Day Quotes

valentines day quotes

Do you need latest and unique Valentines Day Quotes for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Then is website is the best for you. Let’s check our romantic valentines day quotes for the lover.

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Valentines Day Quotes

“You are in my dream and in my thoughts. You are always close to my heart. I love you more than you know about my love. Have lovely valentine’s day my dear.”

“I really don’t know why I love you but I just know that you are my life and I need you in my life. I love you so much, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“I love you because I love you. There is no other reason. Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear.”

“I Love You, I need you every day, every minute, every second. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love.”

“I wanna be your valentine not only in this year but also every year. Happy Valentines Day my Valentine.”

“My Love, I Love You. I will never give you any chance to be sad when you will be with me. Please never leave me, I can’t live without you. Happy Valentine’s Day my Sweet Heart.”

“I believe that, If I Love someone than I will get her/him one day. I know he/she will come back. Happy Valentine’s Day to her/him”

“Love is like a magic, It can make you happy, at the same time it can make you sad. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.”

“I wanna give you my heart, do you wanna take it? Happy Valentine’s Day my future ……….”

Valentines Day Quotes For Girlfriend

“You are the one who has permission to unlock my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love.”

“I am ready to be your children’s father. Are you ready to be my children’s mother? Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“I don’t need any reason to love you, I just love you. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear girlfriend.

“My dear cutest, sweetest and angry girlfriend. Only you will be my future wife and life partner. Happy Valentine’s Day my angry bird.”

Valentines Day Quotes For Wife

“Dear wife, you are the queen of my heart. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Now I have no heart with me but you have two hearts. Because I have given my heart to you. Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely wife.”

“I wanna love you again. Obviously, I love you now but I wanna make love with you as I did before our marriage. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear wife.”

Valentines Day Quotes For Her

“You are my queen and I am your King. I can’t make a big palace but I have a lovely heart for my queen. Happy valentine’s day my queen.”

“Who has stolen my heart from me? You. Yes, you. Only you. Happy valentine’s day my dream girl. I love you so much.”

Valentines Day Quotes Funny

“I know you like chocolates but I thought chocolates might be envious of your sweetness. So happy valentine’s day without chocolate.”

“I will not give you flowers. You know why? Because I think flowers will feel envious of your beauty. Happy valentine’s day beautiful.”

“It’s too hard to celebrate valentine’s day without special someone. Now I can celebrate my valentine’s day because you will be my special someone. Happy Valentine’s day my dear.”


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